Illustrations painted for a short story entitled Les Frères Siamois written by Laurent and Olivier Souillé published in the issue#3 of the review of the Strange Freaks Corp.

Picth of the story :The villagers looked around but saw nothing. Anyway, their faces and their bodies constantly bent allowed them to contemplate only one thing, the wet wood on which they leave footprints. Like shattered Marionettes, they moved forward in a huge effort, striking every obstacles on their way, a broken streetlight, a cracked low wall or a classic art boat.  However, they were not blind. On the contrary, their eyes gleamed at night shining like diamonds. No one knows if they ate or if they slept but to tell the truth one doubt it...

Year : 2010 
Author : Laurent & Olivier Souillé
Fanzine : Freaks Corp.