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Play Boy

Digital illustration painted for the book of poetry Play-boy, a worderful project that brings together no less than 40 artists from all over the world. Few artists names : Charlélie Couture, Robert Waldo Brunelle Jr, Jérémy Magnin, Abraham Orozco, Mike Rimbaud, Carlos Olmo, Éric Fleury, François Maigret, Virginie Bathory, Niko Kko, Toto Pissaco, Stéphane Zoz, Laurent Fièvre, Wendy Develotte, Mikaël Petit, Elliot Feldman, Alexandre Miralles, Éric Viou, Jean-Louis Orozco Medina, Fofy, Ludovic Fevin, Jym Factory, Toshiya Trash

Fan art based on the Tim Burton's original character Edward Scissorhands.

Year : 2015
Author : Pascal Pacaly (France)
Size : 22 x 28 cm.
Price : 25 €