Children's book

Emma and the Storm Cloud

Emma has been feeling very sad and lonely lately. She doesn't find joy playing outside or seeing her friends or spending time with her family. Her sadness follows her around as a large storm cloud over head, making her feel worse each day. Emma soon learns that she has something called, "depression." Luckily, with the help of her family, she finds a way to face the depression and to keep the storm cloud from getting too big. This book can help children (and parents) understand depression and recognize how it's different from regular sadness. It will also provide some guidance on how to address depression so that the child won't let a storm cloud keep them from living a happy, healthy life.

Author : Alessandro Reale (USA)
Year : January 14, 2022
Language : English
Age : 5+
Dimensions : 8 x 0.07 x 10 inches
Paperback : 26 pages, full-color book
Price : $12