Children's books

Anxious Alex and the Worry Monster

This book is about teaching children how to live with anxiety.

Alex was like any other kid, except he had a little Worry Monster that followed him around, whispering worries in his ear and making him anxious. Each day, he tried to ignore the Worry Monster, but it was getting harder and harder. As Alex's anxiety gets worse, he looks for ways to stop the worrying, and soon discovers that he actually has the power to control it. While Anxious Alex and the Worry Monster is written as a children's story, the lesson is for all ages. It's important for everyone to not only understand what anxiety feels like, but to learn how to live with it.

Author : Alessandro Reale (USA)
Year : April 2, 2021
Language : English
Age : 5+
Paperback : 24 pages, full-color book
Dimensions : 8 x 0.06 x 10 inches
Price : $12